Warehouse Management

Consumer mandates are changing the way companies manage their supply chains. And warehouse operations today must be flexible to accommodate these market changes and disruptions. Companies are heavily investing in newer supply chain technologies to provide them with quicker response time and easier change management while managing inventory and productivity across their entire fulfillment cycle. Through these upgrades, companies are seeing a reduction in inventory levels and are achieving greater productivity in their supply chain.

PSN supply chain solutions warehouse management services (WMS) is the leading service provider for managing your warehouse operations.

Regardless of location, size, or processes, psn supply chain solutions offer trained staff for warehouse setup & operations, which include but arent limited to:

• Warehouse Managers

• Sap / Erp Operators

• Pickers / Allocaters

• Process Associates

• Warehouse Incharge

• Forklift Operators

• Helpers

• Scanners & Loaders

Whether the requirement is permanent or contractual, we can provide competent staff to fulfil your requirements and make them adapt to your facilities, increasing capabilities and reducing any human inefficiencies and error.

Taking care of the complex payroll of a large number of employees will be one less trouble on your mind because we can handle it for you while keeping costs down. And of course, you also do not have to worry about compliance either, our experienced team will take care of it all for you by ensuring adherence to applicable laws and statutes, ensuring you have peace of mind at all times and no unnecessary legal penalty, fine or expense.

And as your business grows and evolves, psn supply chain solutions adapt to meet your needs. As our clients attest, we do more than crunch numbers. We play a leading role in boosting bottom-line results and future growth. If yours is a company seeking improved performance, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how psn supply chain solutions can simplify your operations, increase your profitability and help you grow.

Staff & Payroll


With evolving statutory obligations, multiple modes of employment and varying requirements of staffing, managing payroll has become a challenging, expensive and cumbersome task for many businesses today. Outsourcing this process is changing businesses and their operations worldwide. It makes companies leaner and more efficient, freeing them to focus on the critical functions essential to their success while providing greater scalability and statutory compliance.

At PSN supply chain solutions, we can take the most time consuming payroll functions off your hands and handle them faster, more accurately and at lower cost than you can in-house. With over a decades worth of experience of handling payroll for tens of thousands of employees across multiple industries, in various positions, across different regions, we can assure our competence, efficiency and consistency is at the highest levels. With our dedicated payroll department, we deliver dependably and consistently, on time and on budget, through all the market slumps, surges and seasonal cycles that challenge most businesses. We will reduce your overhead on staffing and payroll tasks, make your operations more scalable and free you to focus more attention and resources on your core business. All in a manner that is compliant to applicable and relevant laws to ensure compliance at all times, throughout.P



Goods Transportation Vehicles

Supply chains are fast evolving to meet with competitive market offerings at higher speeds and lower costs. Transportation plays a crucial part in the success of modern day supply chains. Keeping in time with schedules, ensuring efficiency and keeping costs low has become a challenge that decides the success or failure of supply chains.

Allow PSN supply chains solutions to overcome this challenge for you. With a fleet of dedicated transportation vehicles and diligent drivers, we can meet your transportation and logistics requirements for your goods and for crucial last mile deliveries in a timely and cost efficient manner, keeping up with your schedules and deadlines, so you can rest assured your operations are not halted. 

You do not have to worry about the maintenance of multiple vehicles which can usually become a time consuming, expensive and worrisome task. We also ensure there is no downtime to you because of such tasks. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding qualified drivers to drive those transportation vehicles, performing background checks or managing the subsequent payroll, we take care of it all for you. 

Heavy Vehicles for Transportation of Staff

Ensuring staff can arrive at your facilities on time ensures that your supply chain operations go on uninterrupted and on schedule. A single delay can cause a domino effect on other related operations by disrupting schedules and tasks, causing inefficiencies throughout your operations.

We at PSN supply chain solutions offer transportation services for staff via heavy vehicles such as buses to ensure staff can arrive on time, safely, and in a cost-efficient manner to keep your operations going without causing unnecessary downtime.

Executive Class Vehicles for Managers / Officers / Senior Employees

PSN supply chain solutions can offer appropriate executive class vehicles and chauffeurs for your top executives for their safety and convenience so they can travel comfortably. Our professional chauffeurs are well versed with local routes, diligent and drive safely to ensure your executives have a reliable and safe journey, every single time.

Real Estate


Finding the right properties in the appropriate locations for your supply chain is a crucial aspect. The location of your warehousing facility plays a major part in how your operations are planned, how schedules are made, how staff is hired and how transportation and logistics are set up. A perfect location for your warehousing is crucial as it is not only the one of the first major step leading up to operations, but also the base off of which you further build a successful supply chain.

At the same time various factors go into deciding the right location for your requirements, such as the scale of your operations, the nature of operations to be carried out at the facility, what type of machinery would be used, local regulations, the nature of the products and if any specific care is required.

We at PSN supply chain solutions can find you the best commercial properties for your supply chain so you have the perfect base for all your operations, ensuring your plans aren’t held back, your supply chain operates efficiently and you find the best pricing possible.

We have years of experience in facility management across multiple industries, thus we understand the factors it takes to identify the properties that can best serve your supply chain requirements.

We at PSN supply chain solutions can help you find:

Commercial properties above 5000 sq. Feet
Outright properties
Warehousing / logistics proposals
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