PSN Supply Chain Solutions

Thousands of Employees

Tens of thousands of people are growing and developing with PSN Supply Chain Solutions and Pranav Associates.


PAN India Operations

PSN Supply Chain Solutions has vast knowledge and experience of multiple industries across various regions thanks to it’s PAN India operations.

Our Sister Concerns

Sister concerns Pranav Associates, Arya Associates and Reality Services help bring specialized services tailored to excel our clients needs.



Established in 2004 with the vision of “Providing 24 Hours 365 Days A Year Quantitative & Qualitative Services”

Pranav Associates provided various facility management services to it’s clients, staying true to that very vision. WIth unique and strategic approaches towards achieving optimal solutions for every individual client’s various facilities and requirements, we exceeded the targets set for us. By adapting to the evergrowing Indian economy and various new concepts in services, we achieved incredible successes and saw exponential growth, as did our clients and our employees, an undeniable sign that we truly were taking large and positive steps forward.

Incorporated in 2017, PSN Supply Chain Solutions Private LTD is the next evolutionary step in our opera-tions as we take ourselves and our goals to the next level while still providing at the very high standards we have set, maintaining the relationships and dedication towards our clients and our employees and by still striving towards that initial vision. Now, over 25000 employees and many clients are taking strides forward with us.



We at PSN SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LTD believe in and are committed to a culture that promotes strong business ethics at all levels.

While delivering quality services at the most competitive costs throughout the year, thereby ensuring value to our clients. We are also committed to transparency in thoughts, actions and dealings with our clients, our vendors and ur employees. We believe in providing a timely, efficient and cost-effective solution so our clients can prosper. Our senior management takes these values and vouches them down throughout the organisation.



We aim to be known for our reliability, responsiveness, innovative solutions and exemplary conduct. 

We understand that growth, brand development and financial success will naturally follow. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to understand our client’s requirements, anticipate their needs and act to create value. Further, we provide an environment enriched with trust, co-operation, and mutual respect while delivering services to our clients, thus ensuring professionalism and increasing motivation, exceeding client expectations and achieving market leadership and operational excellence in every segment. As a professional service provider, we are trying to achieve the goal of becoming the single window solution to all of our clients supply chain requirements. At PSN Supply Chains Solutions Private LTD our teams are meticulously trained to understand the needs of the clients across levels and to deliver service levels, not only do we want to ensure customer satisfaction, but take it beyond towards custom delight.



Towards our Clients

PSN Supply Chain Solutions provides services that elevates our clients operations to a higher level. We believe in providing all round, costefficient solutions to all of our clients that can best suit their requirements and uphold their standards and beyond. We don’t just want to watch our clients grow, we want to be a part of their journey, every step of along the way.

Towards our Employees

We believe in treating our employees with the utmost respect. With timely remuneration, proper training, provision of clean uniforms, a peaceful working environment and quick resolution to any queries, we ensure employees are treated well so they can perform at their best.

Towards the Government

We believe in following a strict and thorough compliance of all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. By doing so the company can ensure the clients are in the clear and face no additional legal expenses, penalties, fines or unnecessary disruptions.

Towards our fellow Indians

By creating jobs and opportunities across the nation, we believe we can play a part in growth of talented individuals everywhere in India, and help clients across industries bring their products and services to a wider audience while providing a seamless experience to all involved.

Director's message

Mr.Sachin Laxman Nakashe

Mr.Sameer Prabhakar Gangan

We humbly begun in 2004, with the goal of Providing Quality Services 24×7 365 Days A Year. Throughout many evolutions in the services industry, complying with adapting applicable compliances, we have evolved as the years have went by, taking strides forward with our clients and people of diverse backgrounds, providing innovative solutions and trailblazing along the way with our consistent performances and successful results. Whether it be through finding new solutions to meet with the clients specific needs, or providing clients the flexibility in numbers, whenever and wherever they wanted it, we delivered.

We now find ourselves evolving into a new phase, however we are still staying true to the principles that brought us here, by continuing to provide the best we can for those around us, our clients and our people. Ensuring client satisfaction by truly providing value to the client and living up to their expectations, providing livelihood for tens of thousands of people across the nation, all the while ensuring this process and it’s many intricacies are dealt with smoothly, efficiently and on time.
We truly are grateful to everyone associated with us towards the growth and success we have seen over the past few years. We truly believe that when those around us take a step forward, it is a step forward for us.
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